Evolution of Robotic Process Automation: here are the benefits on cost reduction

  1. improve the quality and quantity of work performed: the first benefit of RPA, in fact, is the reduction of time wasted in repetitive activities that, in some cases, do not bring added value. With automation, the resource previously engaged, for example, in the sorting of emails, will be able to devote itself to more complex and profitable activities;
  2. interact with customers 24/7: the evolution of chatbots is making online interactions between customers and companies increasingly similar to chats between humans. The huge advantage is that the robot is active 24/7. Moreover, in software equipped with RPA and Artificial Intelligence, the virtual assistant modulates responses based on customer requests. This greatly improves customer satisfaction;
  3. achieve new economies of scale: this is because automation makes it possible to respond quickly and agilely to business growth events without having to hire new IT resources;
  4. improve collaboration between internal and external resources: with automation, the interaction between departments is much more fluid and immediate;
  5. speed up the digitization of processes: in transforming processes from analog to digital, it is essential to automate simple activities to accelerate change and make it more efficient.



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Linda Grasso

Linda Grasso


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