What are the possible applications of Artificial Intelligence?

  • Image and audio analysis: we are in the field of Computer Vision, which is software able to process data extracted from a video. The recognition of objects and words in images and sounds is possible thanks to Artificial Intelligence algorithms. An example are the video cameras that allow detection of smoke in forests and trigger the alarm.
  • Natural language processing: artificial intelligence algorithms can understand natural language. This allows classification based on message content, translation of a text, and, thanks to recent developments, content creation from input data.
  • Virtual personal assistant: chatbots and voicebots are widely used AI applications, especially for improving customer service. Thanks to recent technology evolutions, the interaction between a robot and a human being is becoming more similar to communication between people.




Founder & CEO @DeltalogiX | Engineer 💡 | Digital Creator & Tech Influencer

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Linda Grasso

Linda Grasso

Founder & CEO @DeltalogiX | Engineer 💡 | Digital Creator & Tech Influencer

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